José Emiliano González Aranda

His legal practice has focused on diverse areas, with emphasis on administrative-constitutional litigation and civil-commercial litigation, covering a wide range of cases, from defenses for sanctions and fines imposed by authorities of the financial sector to executive trials, judicial and extrajudicial collection, including money transmitters, bank transfers, breach of various financial services and insurance policies, within which he already has more than 4 years of experience.

Previously, during his time as an intern at Notary Offices No. 83 and 127 in Mexico City, Emiliano González acquired experience in customer service, preparation and follow-up of notarial instrument processes, as well as in the provision of legal advice.
He also worked as an assistant advisor at the Technical Secretariat of the National Conference of Governors (CONAGO in Spanish), where he provided legal advice related to governorships, their interactions with other governmental entities, elections and follow-up of legislative processes promoted by them, as well as in the active participation in the preparation of minutes and writings of executive and technical meetings.

Lawyer by the Escuela Libre de Derecho as of 2018, from where he obtained his degree, he has contributed to the academic corpus with publications of both academic and cultural articles in the Pandecta Magazine of the Escuela Libre de Derecho. In addition, he enriched his education with a course in Europe, specifically in the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia, on global business strategy and contemporary regional scenarios.

At said institution, he completed a Diploma in Legal English in 2018-2019, and, in the penultimate year of his career, he participated in the amicus curiae submitted by the Escuela Libre de Derecho before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, offering "Observations to the request for an advisory opinion filed by the republic of Colombia on March 14, 2016". 

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